Saving Africa from Lies that Kill – New Book to Help Solve Old Problems

Saving Africa from Lies that Kill: How Myths about the Environment and Overpopulation are Destroying Third World Countries is a new book exposing the abuses of the poor in developing countries by international organizations that keep them from developing beyond their primitive state.  These agencies include UN agencies such as UNESCO, UNFPA, WHO and IPCC; the World Bank, USAID, International Planned Parenthood, Population Council, WWF, (Worldwide Fund for Nature, formerly World Wildlife Foundation), The Club of Rome, European Union Food Safety Authority, and Green Peace.. 

Based on environmental, climate change and overpopulation myths these organizations advocate population control quotas in exchange for foreign aid, and block the improvements that could reduce infant and child mortality, reduce and treat endemic diseases, provide electricity, clean water and sanitation, roads, railroads and airports, encourage investment and generally raise their economy and standard of living. 

These myths and the actions based on them are actually long standing colonialist/ communist/ socialist agendas to control the people and stop progress. Communist propaganda falsely paints these improvements as exploitive and harmful rather than building the economy.  Often, corrupt local governments are complicit and profit from the programs, reaping most of the foreign aid dollars. Although Africa has been used as the “poster child” in my book, the same principles apply to impoverished areas in other developing countries. Here are some important facts from the book.

  •  Poverty, not overpopulation is the cause of environmental damage.  Raising the standard of living and preventing high infant mortality will allow for better stewardship of the environment and stabilize the population.
  • Modern agricultural practices would eliminate deforestation from slash and burn subsistence agriculture, which depletes the soil. 
  •  High yield crops, first introduced in the Green Revolution of the 1960s, and genetically enhanced crops (GMO) that are higher in nutrition and more disease and drought resistant have made it possible to feed everyone. The European Union has banned imports from countries that grow GMO crops so many developing countries are forced to pass up this opportunity.  Starvation and malnutrition are often linked to corrupt governments and denial of these improvements to the rural poor.
  • Medical clinics are overstocked with sterilization, abortion and contraceptive products, but often lack emergency equipment and basic medicines for malaria, intestinal worms, and other endemic diseases.
  • Energy poverty is a major problem.  Environmentalists have prevented over 200 hydroelectric dams in Africa alone.  Africa has more than enough hydroelectric capacity for the foreseeable future, but few dams have been developed. India has solved most of its energy poverty with hydroelectric power. 
  • With electricity from hydroelectric dams or fossil fuel plants, other rural development is possible including roads and railroads, irrigation of fields, purified water, sanitary waste treatment, natural gas and electricity for homes, small businesses, agriculture, hospitals and industry. 
  • Water behind dams could provide plenty or water for homes, agriculture and industry, which is contrary to the environmentalists’ water shortage myth. 
  • Climate change agreements only support solar and wind power, which are unreliable and intermittent so they can’t be used as primary power for hospitals or industry. These poor countries can’t afford to settle for such luxuries. They need reliable power now.
  • Education is the most important element for clean water, sanitation and disease prevention.  Even without electrically powered water and sewage systems, with a knowledge of  invisible microbes, people can be taught how to dig wells, filter and purify water, make and use soap, and build toilets to end open defecation and use of raw feces on fields and in streams.
  • Africans aren’t lazy; they’re anemic and weakened from malaria, parasites and diarrhea. 80% of diseases are from insects. DDT and cheap medicines could end most of this and provide a healthy work force for development. 
  • Extensive research shows that DDT is harmless to humans and the environment, but it has been demonized to prevent its use in supposedly overpopulated, underdeveloped countries by population control advocates.  See references below.

 Solutions to these problems, which are self-evident from the list above, include exposing the organizational abuses and garnering assistance from both charitable organizations and investment by private industry to build infrastructure and to educate people in hygiene, modern agriculture, mining, technology, building and mechanical trades and small business administration. Foreign aid is only a Band-Aid that can only alleviate immediate emergency needs.  Investment, along with Employment, Education, Infrastructure and Disease Control, will end this unnecessary misery.

The last chapter highlights the many ways you can help.


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African History: From Colonial to Communist Control

Communism, the overpopulation myth and the environmental movement

Many underdeveloped countries, especially in Africa, have fallen to the tyranny of Communism/socialism in the name of freedom. One of the goals of the international Communist Party for world domination has been to control African nations by ending colonial rule before the people were ready to form a stable government and rule themselves.  Based on communist agitation and propaganda, in the 1960s thirty-three African nations declared their independence from colonial rule; there were five in the 1950s, eight in the 1970s, only one before 1950, Egypt; and only three post-1970s by splitting away from existing countries.

However, although communist agitation is responsible for much of this, a good deal of the blame must be laid squarely on the colonizing countries for not doing more to improve infrastructure and conditions, and to educate and move the people toward self-rule. Colonial powers, often subconsciously, based their subjugation of native peoples and failure to improve conditions on the overpopulation myth and eugenics that assumed the natives were genetically inferior. The communist plan took advantage of this to create unrest and seize power through puppet dictators.  The result was not true freedom, but a different form of tyranny. The ultimate aim of this plan was to have each country independently represented in the United Nations, thereby building a majority of totalitarian countries to influence outcomes.

Obviously, the communist plan for Africa has worked. Petty Communist and/or Muslim dictators hog most of the wealth, including foreign aid, for themselves and let their people wallow in squalor. Supporting certain favored tribes and starving out others has been common. Most of the starvation has been caused by corrupt politics and a failure to build infrastructure. For these dictators, building up living standards, transportation and electrical power infrastructure, modern agriculture and industry, education and medical care are not to be encouraged because it is easier to maintain power over a people who are ignorant, isolated, sick, and helpless.

So what does this have to do with environmentalism or population control? Based on materialism and utopian dreams of the eighteenth century, Communism grew alongside the population control and environmental movements. All seek control, and Communism has used and been used by the other movements to advance their agenda. It is really true that green is the new red. The modern environmental movement is the home of the modern Communist movement in disguise.

Note that giving charitable aid to the governments of most of these countries is counter-productive because most of the aid ends up in government warehouses and Swiss bank accounts of dictators and corrupt government ministers. Government to government foreign aid makes leaders unaccountable to the people, and allows population control and environmental groups to implement their policies, which are often contrary to the needs of the people.  Organizations like the UN and related non-profits work with the governments, not directly with the people. Food and medical aid may rot in warehouses while the poor die of malnutrition and disease. Only through charitable organizations such as World Vision, Samaritan’s Purse, and the many Christian missions will most of the aid actually reach the people it is intended to help. These charitable organizations have people inside the countries that distribute aid directly to the people, build schools and medical clinics, dig clean water wells, and educate the people about hygiene, childcare, modern farming, and small business administration.

While important, charity should not be the ultimate aim; joining the world economy as a contributor or at least attaining self-sufficiency should be the true aims. Investment, Infrastructure, Education and Employment are the answers to building these economies and improving the lives of their peoples.


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The book: Saving Africa from Lies that Kill: How Myths about the Environment and Overpopulation are Destroying Third World Countries will be published in October, 2018. Print and e-book will be available online and in bookstores.

My first book, Perverted Truth Exposed: How Progressive Philosophy has Corrupted Science was published in 2016. It is available in print and e-book, on line only, through World Net Daily store, Amazon, Books-A-Million and Barnes & Noble.  See the companion blog at  for related posts and pages.

Communism/Socialism Gain Control Covertly Over Time

 Fabian Socialism is the public face of Communism

Much to the dismay of Marx’s followers, having failed to foment the expected violent overthrow of existing systems in developed countries after World War I, the Communists have resorted to hidden agendas and covert actions, infiltrating and corrupting existing organizations and governments, including unions, universities, schools, churches, charitable organizations, publishing, entertainment, news media, and advocacy groups like the climate and environmental movements. In baby steps called Fabian Socialism, they create or exaggerate crises so they can be perceived as rescuers, but push good causes gradually to ridiculous extremes, morphing them into something the founders never intended.

        Greenpeace is a good example in microcosm. Its founders truly believed in advocating for a cleaner environment and helping animals. The organization has been taken over by wild-eyed extremist anarchists and socialists that advocate violence and political action in service to extreme environmental and anti-human progress agendas. This became so evident that most of the founders and early members left the organization and established or joined more sensible advocacy groups that were based more on science and less on emotions and socialist or Communist ideologies.

        Although Communism and socialism are more openly accepted in developing countries, many of the same tactics are used to gain control and impose their will. Any action, such as overthrow of colonial powers for independence, is preceded by years of careful but subtle influence over the opinions and emotions of native people, and is followed by control through puppet dictators. Only a few countries have been won over by violent rebellion. Most have been persuaded to overthrow existing systems or reject new ideas through propaganda and thought control over time.

        The root of all of the “isms” is a desire for control: control of circumstances and control of others physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. Catholicism and Mohammedism sought to control the people spiritually and physically. European feudalism and monarchism sought to control the people physically. Out of the feudal and Catholic worldviews, which defined permanent classes by birth, grew the Protestant Reformation that sought, through Jesus’ teachings, to love and free the people from this form of tyranny.  Rather, people are able to define their own place in society through skills, initiative and effort and are not bound to a class at birth.

“Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it. Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.’”

—Matthew 22:36-39 KJV

        Whereas Communism and the other totalitarians ideologies, i.e. “isms,” see people only as monolithic groups to be controlled, true Judeo-Christian ethics values each individual and encourages, as basic tenets, personal responsibility as well as loving and caring for others. Christianity also defined an orderly universe that follows natural laws that can be discovered through scientific study. From the Protestant Reformation grew science, technology, industry, and freedoms of thought and accomplishments that have produced our modern world

        It fostered the independence that is America, where people are free to do and believe what they choose without insisting everyone else must think as they do. Modern liberal leaders, a.k.a. Fabian socialists, have thrown this concept out the window and try to impose their way of life and opinions on others. Tolerance is defined as everyone else accepting and embracing their view. They are truly intolerant of other points of view, such as conservative or Christian. To paraphrase a line in an old western TV show, “They hate intolerance so much, they get downright intolerant about it.”[1]

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

—John 8:32 KJV

[1] The Deputy, NBC TV series 1959-1961, Henry Fonda as Marshal Simon Frye says about his reluctant deputy: “He hates violence so much, he gets downright violent about it.


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The book: Saving Africa from Lies that Kill: How Myths about the Environment and Overpopulation are Destroying Third World Countries will be published in October, 2018. Print and e-book will be available online and in bookstores.

My first book, Perverted Truth Exposed: How Progressive Philosophy has Corrupted Science was published in 2016. It is available in print and e-book, on line only, through World Net Daily store, Amazon, Books-A-Million and Barnes & Noble.  See the companion blog at  for related posts and pages.


Control and the Communist/Socialist Connection

Control: The Communist/Socialist Connection

The ultimate goal of the controllers in totalitarian ideologies is to tear down what works, (free markets, Western culture) and to keep poor people poor and dependent. They believe they can and should control everything: the poor, the successful, the narrative, the environment, individuals and especially governments. Many underdeveloped countries have been devastated or seriously harmed by the lies of these anti-human, anti-progress ideologies.

         The world has a cancer that is eating it from within. It is communism, socialism, fascism and, to a lesser extent, similar totalitarian top-down systems, including Progressivism, Liberalism, Environmentalism, and Islam, formerly known as Mohammedism.[1] For brevity I will refer to these related systems as Communism or socialism hereafter, with an understanding that all of them fit the profile, more or less, of totalitarian ideologies. These systems are based on control by an elite few, taking and keeping power by stirring up negative emotions such as anger, envy, and resentment against real or perceived exploitation, injustice, and victimization. Instead of seeking to raise the poor, Communism/Socialism seeks to tear down, as evil exploiters, the successful, the able, the employers, the builders, and the innovators, who really can and do help raise the poor. Communists appeal to emotions and unreality, not logical reasoning about the real world.

        First of all, let me explain that most people who follow these “isms” are not aware of the nefarious agendas behind the public face and stated goals. They are merely followers who believe they are helping the poor and righting assumed wrongs as they have been told by the leaders of these movements over and over in many ways. A lie becomes a truth in the minds of many if it is repeated often enough by “reliable” sources. The Communists have described these people as “useful idiots” and “fellow travelers.” The useful idiots buy into the myth being sold without question and follow like sheep. The fellow travelers have their own agendas that are compatible with the apparent (but often not real) goals of the communists, and so they are willing and eager to follow the party line, if it furthers their own goals.

        As the old saying goes, a rising tide raises all boats. Tearing down or hobbling those that could employ and build up the poor just makes everyone poorer. It is in the best interest of the rich, aka successful companies, to raise the standard of living of the poor and thereby to create new customers for their goods and services. That’s how free markets naturally raise living standards for everyone. Both the successful “rich” and the poor mutually benefit as competition and innovation naturally lower prices and increase both availability and quality of goods and services. Communism/Socialism exploits the poor and ignorant while claiming to help them. By tearing down or hindering those that could help, they keep the poor in a permanent poor class and the victims as permanent victims.

        Socialism needs a permanent underclass of victims to maintain power. It can’t allow the supposed problems to be solved because socialism would lose its purpose and power. Cooperation is anathema to them, for instance, union and management must not be allowed to solve mutual problems together. Struggle must be maintained so that those that Communism exploits (“the workers”) will think they are being helped and continue to follow them. It hides its true purpose and presents a parade of “good” causes and supposed injustices that must be stopped to “save” the people (or the planet). If one cause is in danger of being solved, it is morphed into a similar or greater supposed cause to keep the struggle going ad nauseam. Supposed or real problems are never solved, they are managed. The aim is control, not of the problems, but of the people. Communism/Socialism’s compassionate face hides a sinister heart.

[1] Note that the term “Mohammedism,” used throughout history, has been replaced by “Islam” and “Muslim” thus setting it apart from the other tyrannical “isms” in the minds of many. It is still an “ism” that oppresses its own people and has the ultimate goal of replacing Western Culture, much like the other “isms.”


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The book: Saving Africa from Lies that Kill: How Myths about the Environment and Overpopulation are Destroying Third World Countries will be published in September, 2018. Print and e-book will be available online and in bookstores.

My first book, Perverted Truth Exposed: How Progressive Philosophy has Corrupted Science was published in 2016. It is available in print and e-book, on line only, through World Net Daily store, Amazon, Books-A-Million and Barnes & Noble.  See the companion blog at  for related posts and pages.