Control and the Communist/Socialist Connection

Control: The Communist/Socialist Connection

The ultimate goal of the controllers in totalitarian ideologies is to tear down what works, (free markets, Western culture) and to keep poor people poor and dependent. They believe they can and should control everything: the poor, the successful, the narrative, the environment, individuals and especially governments. Many underdeveloped countries have been devastated or seriously harmed by the lies of these anti-human, anti-progress ideologies.

         The world has a cancer that is eating it from within. It is communism, socialism, fascism and, to a lesser extent, similar totalitarian top-down systems, including Progressivism, Liberalism, Environmentalism, and Islam, formerly known as Mohammedism.[1] For brevity I will refer to these related systems as Communism or socialism hereafter, with an understanding that all of them fit the profile, more or less, of totalitarian ideologies. These systems are based on control by an elite few, taking and keeping power by stirring up negative emotions such as anger, envy, and resentment against real or perceived exploitation, injustice, and victimization. Instead of seeking to raise the poor, Communism/Socialism seeks to tear down, as evil exploiters, the successful, the able, the employers, the builders, and the innovators, who really can and do help raise the poor. Communists appeal to emotions and unreality, not logical reasoning about the real world.

        First of all, let me explain that most people who follow these “isms” are not aware of the nefarious agendas behind the public face and stated goals. They are merely followers who believe they are helping the poor and righting assumed wrongs as they have been told by the leaders of these movements over and over in many ways. A lie becomes a truth in the minds of many if it is repeated often enough by “reliable” sources. The Communists have described these people as “useful idiots” and “fellow travelers.” The useful idiots buy into the myth being sold without question and follow like sheep. The fellow travelers have their own agendas that are compatible with the apparent (but often not real) goals of the communists, and so they are willing and eager to follow the party line, if it furthers their own goals.

        As the old saying goes, a rising tide raises all boats. Tearing down or hobbling those that could employ and build up the poor just makes everyone poorer. It is in the best interest of the rich, aka successful companies, to raise the standard of living of the poor and thereby to create new customers for their goods and services. That’s how free markets naturally raise living standards for everyone. Both the successful “rich” and the poor mutually benefit as competition and innovation naturally lower prices and increase both availability and quality of goods and services. Communism/Socialism exploits the poor and ignorant while claiming to help them. By tearing down or hindering those that could help, they keep the poor in a permanent poor class and the victims as permanent victims.

        Socialism needs a permanent underclass of victims to maintain power. It can’t allow the supposed problems to be solved because socialism would lose its purpose and power. Cooperation is anathema to them, for instance, union and management must not be allowed to solve mutual problems together. Struggle must be maintained so that those that Communism exploits (“the workers”) will think they are being helped and continue to follow them. It hides its true purpose and presents a parade of “good” causes and supposed injustices that must be stopped to “save” the people (or the planet). If one cause is in danger of being solved, it is morphed into a similar or greater supposed cause to keep the struggle going ad nauseam. Supposed or real problems are never solved, they are managed. The aim is control, not of the problems, but of the people. Communism/Socialism’s compassionate face hides a sinister heart.

[1] Note that the term “Mohammedism,” used throughout history, has been replaced by “Islam” and “Muslim” thus setting it apart from the other tyrannical “isms” in the minds of many. It is still an “ism” that oppresses its own people and has the ultimate goal of replacing Western Culture, much like the other “isms.”


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