African History: From Colonial to Communist Control

Communism, the overpopulation myth and the environmental movement

Many underdeveloped countries, especially in Africa, have fallen to the tyranny of Communism/socialism in the name of freedom. One of the goals of the international Communist Party for world domination has been to control African nations by ending colonial rule before the people were ready to form a stable government and rule themselves.  Based on communist agitation and propaganda, in the 1960s thirty-three African nations declared their independence from colonial rule; there were five in the 1950s, eight in the 1970s, only one before 1950, Egypt; and only three post-1970s by splitting away from existing countries.

However, although communist agitation is responsible for much of this, a good deal of the blame must be laid squarely on the colonizing countries for not doing more to improve infrastructure and conditions, and to educate and move the people toward self-rule. Colonial powers, often subconsciously, based their subjugation of native peoples and failure to improve conditions on the overpopulation myth and eugenics that assumed the natives were genetically inferior. The communist plan took advantage of this to create unrest and seize power through puppet dictators.  The result was not true freedom, but a different form of tyranny. The ultimate aim of this plan was to have each country independently represented in the United Nations, thereby building a majority of totalitarian countries to influence outcomes.

Obviously, the communist plan for Africa has worked. Petty Communist and/or Muslim dictators hog most of the wealth, including foreign aid, for themselves and let their people wallow in squalor. Supporting certain favored tribes and starving out others has been common. Most of the starvation has been caused by corrupt politics and a failure to build infrastructure. For these dictators, building up living standards, transportation and electrical power infrastructure, modern agriculture and industry, education and medical care are not to be encouraged because it is easier to maintain power over a people who are ignorant, isolated, sick, and helpless.

So what does this have to do with environmentalism or population control? Based on materialism and utopian dreams of the eighteenth century, Communism grew alongside the population control and environmental movements. All seek control, and Communism has used and been used by the other movements to advance their agenda. It is really true that green is the new red. The modern environmental movement is the home of the modern Communist movement in disguise.

Note that giving charitable aid to the governments of most of these countries is counter-productive because most of the aid ends up in government warehouses and Swiss bank accounts of dictators and corrupt government ministers. Government to government foreign aid makes leaders unaccountable to the people, and allows population control and environmental groups to implement their policies, which are often contrary to the needs of the people.  Organizations like the UN and related non-profits work with the governments, not directly with the people. Food and medical aid may rot in warehouses while the poor die of malnutrition and disease. Only through charitable organizations such as World Vision, Samaritan’s Purse, and the many Christian missions will most of the aid actually reach the people it is intended to help. These charitable organizations have people inside the countries that distribute aid directly to the people, build schools and medical clinics, dig clean water wells, and educate the people about hygiene, childcare, modern farming, and small business administration.

While important, charity should not be the ultimate aim; joining the world economy as a contributor or at least attaining self-sufficiency should be the true aims. Investment, Infrastructure, Education and Employment are the answers to building these economies and improving the lives of their peoples.


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