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Kay Kiser Photo 02About me:  Retired Chemist and published author of Perverted Truth Exposed: How Progressive Philosophy has Corrupted Science. The new book is the second in this Modern Mythology Series; Title: Saving Africa from Lies that Kill: How Myths about the Environment and Overpopulation are Destroying Third World Countries. It was published in October, 2018.

Degrees in Biology and Chemistry. Extensive technical writing experience. Patents and scientific publications. Experience in microbiology, education, management and counseling.  30+ years experience as a chemist and manager in industrial research. Christian, Conservative. Independent scholar and skeptic/ iconoclast. “Question Everything” “Is it true and is it logical?” “How do they know that (HDTKT)?”

The New Book:

Saving Africa from Lies that Kill: How Myths about the Environment and Overpopulation are destroying Third World Countries, the second in the Modern Mythology Series was published in October 23, 2018. It is available in print and eBook online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million and in bookstores. If you like the book, please leave a review online at or other outlets.

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Saving Africa From Lies That Kill exposes the long-standing crimes committed against developing nations by organizations such as the United Nations, World Bank, USAID and Planned Parenthood. Under their guise of “aid,” these organizations mire the underprivileged in isolation, poverty, sickness and ignorance.

    • Poverty, not overpopulation, causes environmental damage.  Higher standards of living and lower infant mortality can improve the environment and stabilize the population.
    • Developing nations need access to reliable electricity in order to end energy poverty. This will, in turn, provide clean water, develop transportation, and power hospitals, homes and industrial and business investment.
    • Africans aren’t lazy; they’re weakened from malaria, parasites and dysentery. They need insect and disease control for a healthy workforce.
    • They need the Green Revolution and modern agriculture, which can feed everyone and end deforestation. 

The First Book:

Perverted Truth Exposed: How Progressive Philosophy has corrupted Science asks the question “What do we really know about life, the universe and everything. It is the first in the Modern Mythology Series.  The book covers some of the basic areas where science has been corrupted or replaced by philosophy disguised as science. The major scientific areas covered are Darwinian Evolution, Origin of Life Theories, Cosmology, Quantum Mechanics as the heart of Particle Physics, and the Climate Change debate.  I present facts and logic to make the point that these areas, regardless of the merit of the theories, are actually based on philosophy, not science, that fits an atheistic, anti-human, progressive political agenda.

Perverted Truth Exposed is available in print and ebook, on line only, through World Net Daily store, Amazon, Books-A-Million and Barnes & Noble.  See the companion blog at  for related posts and pages.