Overpopulation Myth, Environmentalism and Communist Control

The Roots of Environmentalism and Population Control

The roots of modern environmentalism and its link to the population control and eugenics movements go back to the eighteenth century and the overpopulation myth, which was all about limiting the human population to prevent a predicted “Malthusian Catastrophe,” i.e. predicted mass starvation when population would surpass the ability of the land to produce enough food, and eugenics to promote genetic purity, especially control of supposedly genetically inferior groups, for example certain races, cultures, and the chronically poor or ill. These beliefs are supported by the progressive belief in materialism—there is no spiritual side, only the material we can see and touch, and humanism—man is the measure of everything and determines morals to suit his circumstances so that there are no absolute moral principles. From these eighteenth century progressive philosophies grew socialism, Communism, fascism, evolutionary racism, the eugenics movement, the population control movement, and environmentalism; all of them are about controlling the masses by an elite few, and all are basically anti-human, anti-development, and anti-freedom.

Today more enlightened geneticists and the public in general (but apparently not by powerful population control supporters) have rejected the eugenics argument that certain races, cultures, and the poor are genetically inferior. Claims of eminent mass starvation from overpopulation made by population control alarmists have been refuted by vastly improved food production rates and capacities. Unwilling to abandon their aim of reducing population, environmentalism, with its daughter Climate Change, is the latest cause celebre to cover brutal inhumanity to man in the form of forced or coerced population control and denial of vital infrastructure to the poorest countries.

Climate change campaigns have an added benefit for environmentalists because it imposes guilt and fear, not just on the poor but on prosperous people in developed nations as the cause of the supposed problem. As usual for progressives, they wrongly assume that the size of the proverbial economic pie is fixed so that prosperous nations are falsely blamed for the poverty of less developed ones. Developed nations are also presented as the major cause of pollution and warming. This fits in with the communist and socialist, so-called progressive, goals to regress all human progress, defeat Western free market economies and maintain control by an elite few “experts.”


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